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Fitxa tècnica (English)
400 ºC/2h and 300 ºC/2h roof-mounted axial extractor fans with vertical air outlet

Roof-mounted axial extractor fans with vertical air outlet. for work in fire risk zones. designed for smoke extraction in industrial or similar buildings.

- Galvanised sheet steel support base with anti-corrosive treatment.
- Cast aluminium orientable rotors.
- Anti-contact protective grille pursuant to standard UNE‐EN ISO 12499.
- Anti-return hatch in aluminium sheet metal to prevent the entry of water when the fan is not operating.
- Approved in accordance with standard EN 12101-3. With 0370‐CPR‐0305 (F400) and 0370‐CPR‐0973 (F300) certifications.
- Airflow direction from Motor to Impeller.

- Class H motors for S1 continuous operation and S2 emergency use. With ball bearings and class IP55 protection.
- Multi voltage motor. special design valid for 220/380V 60Hz. 254/440V 60Hz. 265/460V 60Hz. 277/480V 60Hz
- Maximum temperature of air to be carried: S1 continuous operation -20ºC +40ºC. Also suitable for hot climates with temperatures up to 50ºC. S2 operation 300ºC/2h. 400ºC/2h.

- Anti-corrosive finish of polyester resin polymerised at 190 ºC. previously degreased with phosphate-free nanotechnological treatment.

On request:
- Extractor fans with 2-speed motors.
- 2 and 8-pole fans depending on diameter.