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Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery units with EC Technology motor and built-in by-pass

Heat recovery units with EC Technology motor and built-in by-pass, low power consumption and heat recovery efficiency of over 86%.

• Counterflow heat exchanger.
• With 100% automatic by-pass (except model REB-15).
• Low consumption fans with built-in regulation.
• Lateral maintenance access.
• Operation compatible 50/60 Hz.
• Particle filters with efficiencies depending on models.

Finishing on models REB-15 to REB-120:
• Equipment structure made of anti-corrosive galvanised sheet steel.
• Anti-condensation foam coating.
• Interior in lightweight expanded polypropylene and with low noise emissions.
• Low profile models for false ceiling installation.

Finishing on models REB-180-ST to REB-600-ST:
• Aluminium profile and prefinished sheet steel structure with 25 mm thick thermal and acoustic insulation panels (upper and lower panels).
• Low profile models for false ceiling installation (REB-180-ST and REB-270-ST).
• For installation in technical rooms (REB-400-ST and REB-600-ST).
• Control compatible with MODBUS RTU.

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