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Portable Air Purifiers

Patented air purifier, for removal of virus and bacteria

• Digital display indicating the current level of contamination.
• Stage for the elimination of odors and volatile organic compounds.
• Washable collector plates, for particles such as spores, fungi and dust.
• Ionizer that eliminates particles dangerous to health, such as viruses and bacteria.
• Double stage of pre-filters to catch lint and larger particles.
• The high efficiency of this equipment is capable of purifying the air in rooms of up to 90 m2 with the X8 model, and 38 m2 with the X5 model.
• Thanks to the possibility of speed selection, very low noise levels are obtained, from 21dB to 34dB depending on the model at low speed, allowing you to rest or work in peace.
• The highest quality indoor air on the market, without the need to replace filters. The collector plates are washed in the dishwasher and reused.

With digital display that constantly indicates the indoor air quality reading, according to the AQI classification, according to parameters of concentration of fine particles in the air.

Remote IAQ detector, displaying contamination of the room, air temperature, humidity, dust concentration and formaldehyde released by human metabolism.

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